Top 20 Best Investment Suburbs in Brisbane

The Sunshine State benefitted significantly from flexible and remote working arrangements during the pandemic.

While Victoria recorded a decline in population, Queensland saw 50,000 net interstate migrants in 2021, the most of any of the states.

This has subsequently resulted in significant pressure on the rental market.

Queensland is popular due to its relative affordability, in especially comparison to Sydney and Melbourne, with interstate migrants seeking a better work-life balance.

Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast have all enjoyed from solid demand by buyers and renters. Many locations have seen asking rents for houses soaring by 30%, with most property commentators expecting no respite on the horizon.

Weekly asking sale prices have increased dramatically too, according to SQM Research.

One factor for this is the 2032 Olympics. Both Sydney and London experienced strong house price growth prior to their respective Olympics, despite the GFC occurring just a few years before the latter hosting the games.

The hosting of the Olympics is expected to cost at least $5 billion, mainly in the form of bolstered infrastructure.

Although the recent flooding has made an impact, sentiment remains solid, with stock on the market remaining relatively tight.

In terms of houses, good-sized blocks with the potential to add value are likely to perform well in the long term.

Units have underperformed houses by a significant margin in Brisbane and South East Queensland over the past decade, allowed for contrarian investors to pick up a bargain, says Doron Peleg of leading buyers agency BuyersBuyers.

“We recommend established units in boutique blocks with a high land value content
and a point of scarcity, such as district or water views,” he said.

“In Brisbane we recommend looking for suburbs where supply is constrained, and there is not a proliferation of high-rise towers.”

In light of this, we have collated the top investment in suburbs in Brisbane, based on suggestions from BuyersBuyers and research conducted by Terry Ryder of Hotspotting.

The list has taken into account factors suggested by Mr Peleg, along with SQM Research data showing the current vacancy rates. There are 10 suburbs for houses, and 10 suburbs for units.

Top 20 Best Investment Suburbs in Brisbane for Houses

  1. Aspley
  2. Wavell Heights
  3. Brighton
  4. Chapel Hill
  5. Kenmore
  6. Annerley
  7. Caboolture
  8. Carindale
  9. Cleveland
  10. Eagleby

Aspley, 4034

Located 13.4 kilometres north of Brisbane is Aspley, home to 3,999 houses at a median price of $942,448. The suburb is positioned on the flat ground south of Cabbage Tree Creek, and is centred on Little Cabbage Tree Creek, with hills to the south and east.

Wavell Heights, 4012

Wavell Heights, located 10.5 kilometres north of Brisbane, has 3,660 houses with a median price of $1.2 million. Established in the 1940’s, the suburb is popular with families due to its location and supply of both public and private schools, and has undergone a significant gentrification.

Brighton, 4017

Also in Brisbane’s north is Brighton. There are 3,547 houses in the suburb, with a median price of $875,220. With a population of over 10,000, the suburb is 22 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD and is popular given its proximity to the new Redcliffe urban re-development.

Chapel Hill, 4069

Located in Brisbane’s west, Chapel Hill has 3,569 houses with a median price of $1.25 million. It is primarily a residential suburb full of detached housing, and is located 11.5 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane CBD.

Kenmore, 4069

Kenmore, in Brisbane’s west, has 3,359 houses with a median price of $1.07 million. With a population of almost 10,000, the riverside suburb is just under 14 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, and has numerous parks and playing fields.

Annerley, 4103

In Brisbane’s inner southern region, Annerley is set to benefit from the upcoming Olympics. The median house price is $1.2 million. There are currently 125 houses for sale, with 89 sales in the past 12 months.

Best Investment Suburbs in Brisbane- Annerley QueenslandBrisbane 5″>
This Annerley Queenslander-style home is on the market for $899,000. Image – Matthews Real Estate – Annerley.

Caboolture, 4510

Located in Brisbane’s northern corridor, Caboolture has an affordable median price of $548,500 despite a significant growth in sales over the past year. Caboolture also enjoys one of the lowest vacancy rates in Brisbane, with rents rising strongly.

Carindale, 4152

Located in the middle-ring area of eastern Brisbane, Carindale has enjoyed strong growth, with a median house price of $980,0000. It is a well-known suburb with good infrastructure and a major shopping centre – one of the largest in the nation. The vacancy rate is around 1%, with rents surging.

Cleveland, 4163

A coastal suburb located in the City of Redland, 30 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, Cleveland has seen sales double in the past 12 months with price growth increasing to $685,000. The vacancy rate is 0.3%, with the median rental yield sitting at 3.7%.

Eagleby, 4207

Located in the City of Logan in Brisbane’s southern corridor, Eagleby offers highly affordable housing despite strongly rising sales activity. Houses have a median price of $325,000, with 11.1% growth over the past year. The vacancy rate is 0.85%, with a median rental yield of 5.3%.

Top 20 Best Investment Suburbs in Brisbane for Units

  1. New Farm
  2. Bulimba
  3. Kedron
  4. Carseldine
  5. St Lucia
  6. Indooroopilly
  7. Taringa
  8. Ascot
  9. Stafford
  10. Chermside West

New Farm, 4005

A well-known leafy inner Brisbane suburb, New Farm has 5,448 units for a median price of $737,786. There are around 50 properties for sale. Along with being close to the CBD, the suburb benefits from is namesake park along with its relaxing dining scene.

Bulimba, 4171

Located just four kilometres northeast of the Brisbane CBD, Bulimba is home to more than 7,740 residents. There are 2,007 units in the suburb, with a median price of $697,020.

Kedron, 4031

Located eight kilometres north of Brisbane’s CBD, Kedron is home to more than 10,000 residents. There are 1,753 units in the suburb, with a low median of $432,166.

Carseldine, 4034

Carseldine, 16 kilometres north of the CBD, is home to more than 10,000 residents. There are 1,035 units, with a median price of $469,385. The suburb is popular with families, with over 10 private and public schools in and around the area.

St Lucia, 4067

Located in Brisbane’s west, St Lucia is a riverside suburb that is home to 13,700 residents. There are 3,203 units with a median price of $534,313.

Indooroopilly, 4068

A popular riverside suburb west of the Brisbane CBD, Indooroopilly currently has 3,203 properties with a median price of $506,093. 40 units and apartments are currently for sale.

Top 20 Best Investment Suburbs in Brisbane- Indooroopilly unit
This Indooroopilly unit is on the market for $550,000. Image – Plum Property.

Taringa, 4068

Seven kilometres southwest of the Brisbane CBD is Taringa, which is home to over 9,000 residents. There are 3,003 units in the suburb, with a median price of $473,354. There are 40 units and apartments currently for sale.

Ascot, 4007

Six kilometres northeast of the Brisbane CBD is Ascot. Units have a median price of $525,000, with a 4.3% annual rental yield. The suburb is full of leafy parklands with numerous restaurants, malls and cafes.

Stafford, 4053

Stafford, nine kilometres from the Brisbane CBD, is home to 7,400 residents. It is a popular suburb with families, students and professionals. The median unit house price is $410,000, with unit rents at $410. The annual rental yield is 5.2$.

Chermside West, 4032

Located 12 kilometres northwest of the Brisbane CBD, Chermside West is home to 6,800 residents. The average rent is $530 per week, with the average rental yield being 3.44%.

Article source: Queensland Property Investor