Grand stairway plan for new home on vacant Brisbane River block

Architectural plans for a palatial home in Hawthorne centre on an oversized outdoor stairway from the first floor to the Brisbane River.

The plans, submitted to Brisbane City Council for approval, would see the vacant $7 million block transformed into a three-level, six-bedroom residence.

Apart from grand archways rising two stories, the plans submitted by Jared Poole Design centre on a cascading stairway visible from the river.

The stairway, wrapped in French cut tiles, would provide access to a pool, garden, pavilion, jetty and sunken lounge on the waterfront.

Inside, a spiral staircase would feature, but the residents and guests would also have an elevator – and a ramp to the street from the four-car garage.

plan on <a href=Brisbane River block” class=”wp-image-33091″ srcset=” 630w,×199.jpg 300w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 630px) 100vw, 630px” title=”Grand stairway plan for new home on vacant Brisbane River block 1″>
An artist’s impression of a riverfront home planned for Hawthorne in Brisbane.

Research published this week showed waterfront homes in Brisbane were among the most sought after, attracting a 55 per cent premium compared with properties located away from the river.

Article source: Queensland Property Investor